Pieter Vodden has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years and has been involved in fitness his whole life. He has used his knowledge and experience to guide some of the biggest names in Hollywood to their physical peak. He has also helped guide hundreds of people from all walks of life to a stronger, healthier life.

Pieter has appeared in multiple publications such as Mens Fitness, Mens Health and The Telegraph and is passionate about helping people simply get better on every level.  His goal is to positively affect the lives of as many people as possible.  He wants to connect, inspire and change those that need a little help on their health and fitness journey.  He is an expert at bringing people together, building a team environment and growing excellence through achievement.

Pieter was a cast trainer on the much anticipated feature film “Suicide Squad”. He assisted legendary trainer Mark Twight on “Wonder Woman”, “Justice League”, “300: Rise of an Empire”, “Man of Steel” and “The Man from Uncle”. These movie projects provided Pieter the opportunity to work with Joel Kinnamen, Viola Davis, Scott Eastwood, Ike Barinholtz, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, Adam Beach, Lena Headey, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Lisa Lovren, Ray Fischer, Jason Momoa, Ahmad Al Harthy, Kevin Vance, Brooke Ence, Karen Fukuhara, Madeleine Vall, among others.

Some educational facts and qualifications:

  • He was the first Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor in the UK
  • Diploma in Personal Training from Premier Global
  • Crossfit L1
  • Crossfit Weightlifting
  • Crossfit Gymnastics
  • Strength and Conditioning/Hypertorphy certifications from Charles Poliquin’s PICP program including PICP 1, PICP 2 and Biosigniture.
  • Outbox Boxing Instructor and has had the honour of learning from world class coaches and professionals such as Adam Booth, David Haye and Glove UP pioneer Martin Holgate

He has also included multiple educational seminars and workshops  from world class coaches such as Andy Mckenzie (bodyweight specialist), Andy Bolton (strength and powerlifting specialist and Giles Greenwood (top Olympic Lifting Coach).

In Pieter’s words: “This journey takes knowledge, commitment and motivation and you will need all three to get where you really want to be.  Take out one of those elements and progress falters.  I am here to keep that balance between the three. Nutrition and exercise takes consistent awareness and application.  The goal is to become an active, healthy person; not for this week or this month, but forever.  I want to help you to reach that place.  Don’t be afraid, don’t be bewildered. We will take small steps at first and walk together down a new path to pride and fulfilment.”





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