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In 2014 Nick Hutchings , who at the time was the editor of Mens Fitness UK, wrote to me in regard to a transformation.  He wanted to gain mass but he, being an athlete, wanted to develop strength, power and ability at the same time.  He didn’t want to rely exclusively on “Bodybuilding” style workouts and wanted challenge and an inclusion of raw “Horsepower” in his work.

With this brief in mind I sat down and wrote TH90.  It is a program that would test his will, body and commitment but ultimately would give him exactly what he wanted.. Though he gained a lot of size he also achieved personal bests in strength, power and cardiovascular performance.

It takes a lot of resolve, commitment and food to complete this program successfully so prepared! It is a great lesson in suffering, purpose and physicality, enjoy the journey!


  • You will get big
  • You will get strong
  • You will become more powerful
  • it will hurt

The Program is an 8 week cycle.  It includes a nutritional guideline which you must follow in order to achieve any significant gains.  Training intensity and volume must me matched with the right amount of fuel for success to materialise.


If gaining muscle, strength and size is your goal and if you want a real fitness challenge then sign up today. I am offering this program at a reduced cost for a limited time.  Contact me at http://voddentraining@gmail.com if you have any questions! To purchase the TH90 Mass Gain click here.


Once you have achieved your goal weight you can start the TH90 Leaning Phase that Nick used to trim down so that he was “cover ready”.  Again this includes the changes you must make to your nutritional profile