“ I had the privilege of meeting Pieter Vodden while producing Suicide Squad in February of 2015. Initially we hired Pieter to train our lead actress and he did so for about 4 months of pre-prep on the film before she got to Toronto. He traveled the world with her and kept her on track so by the time she arrived, she was in tip top shape. Following his arrival in Toronto for production on the film, a number of other actors and department head crew members got to know Pieter as well and his energy and passion for fitness became infectious to the whole production. One of the great things about the way Pieter works is he doesn’t focus purely on the cosmetic side of things like most fitness trainers on films do. His goal, and something he accomplished on Suicide Squad, was to transform bodies to make them stronger, able to endure difficult and exhausting conditions, which of course lead to cosmetic benefits as well. By the time we were rounding out production on the film 5 months later, Pieter was training upwards of 8 actors and about 40 crew members on the film. Also, his job only entailed training actors during the films shoot but because of the kind of guy Pieter is, he trained the crew on his “off time”. A number of lives were changed during the course of that film when it came to general fitness and body transformation, including mine. Pieter Vodden is a world class fitness trainer and generally a fantastic human to have around. “Andy Horwitz. Producer


“Having trained at the highest levels of sport and training, I’ve yet to meet someone of Pieter’s caliber, character, innovation, and motivational approach. It was a pleasure to work with and be trained by Pieter. Throughout our months together on Suicide Squad he emphasized team work/unity, functional strength and mental focus – All paramount to both our production and personal goals. As the Military Advisor I had to collaborate with Pieter and quickly found that he is cut from the same philosophical cloth – resolved, driven and is unapologetic. He will call folks out!

We trained hard. No doubt the hardest some actors have ever trained, on any set, at any time in their lives. And he did it without impinging performances and energy levels. Strength days, endurance days, anaerobic challenges were all part of the mix. And everyday they earned it. Paid for it. And satiated the beast.

The benefits were enormous. Not just in body and mind. Soon into production, a gathering was formed. All aspects of production participated in grueling group workouts – which elevated onset morale, daily attitudes and bonded folks who’d otherwise not. Couldn’t have asked for more. That set was a family in the end.

Thanks Pieter! Forever grateful”

Kevin Vance. Actor. Military Advisor


“Working out with Pieter is by far one of the best progressive workouts ive ever had. He combines conditioning and functional strengh. Love that guy”

Scott Eastwood. Actor


“I had the privilege to be trained by Pieter Vodden at Warner Brother studios in a six months period for my preparation with my role as lieutenant Menalippe in Wonder Woman.
The programs he made us do was always though, but he found a way to balance the exercises so they were both fun and challenging at the same time. He also alternated the training frequently, so I never got bored with repeating heavy body work from one month to the next. It was also inspiring to feel my own strength grow from the progression in the sessions.
Pieter made us work in teams and compete with both our self- and the other teams. He has a way to teach new exercises in a light and smiling manner, allowing me – pretty green body builder – to fail and learn by doing – and also from my fellow amazonian colleagues. Very inspiring indeed.

Lisa Loven Kongsli


“Thanks to Pieter, I am in my best shape ever. He’s not only pro when it comes to nutrition, training, to shape and sculpt bodies to reach desired goals—but also a master at motivating, to hearten and encourage his clients and making sure that you feel great and have fun along the way. I’ve trained hard all my life and with a lot of different people, I am also a trainer myself and extremely picky on whom I want to put myself in the hands of. In this project, and for the first time in my life, I didn’t get to choose, I am forever grateful that it was Pieter whom I was assigned to, January-May 2016 were some of the best of my life.”


Madeleine Vall. Fighter. Actress. Model


“Not many people know where the edge really lies….I’ve come across my fair share of trainers over the years. I’ve rarely met one that pushed me to my edge. Then there’s Piete…this is something we did on a daily basis. Best shape I’ve ever been in!”

Antal Kalik. Stuntman