One day you will wake up. It will be the best you have ever felt. You will feel stronger and healthier than you ever have.  At that point you are super-powered.  Beyond myth and fiction being super-powered is a sensation, a feeling of confidence, a clarity beyond doubt.  You will walk prouder, stride longer and announce yourself with pride.  Trying to become more than who you are is not a fantasy, its the human spirit coming to fruition and acting out its desire to be more than your shadows.

It is my passion to get you to that place and that is the purpose of this website and the work that I do.  None of us should try to be like anybody else but I believe we have a responsibility to ourselves to achieve our potential.  We can all grow, we can all improve and we can all help inspire the people around us.  Very few of us will stand on podiums, even fewer of us will win gold medals but we all have chance to be beacons for our families and our communities.  We all have the capability to lead by example, to hold our integrity and to shine a light to those that need it. I think to be that person is a life well lived.

Superpowered is a GPP (general physical preparedness program) that is built to guide you progressively and safely toward a better physical and mental future.  It is not elite and this is not for athletes only. This is designed to communicate to everybody and be achievable for everybody.  I want this to be about real ongoing change for as many as people as possible, not for the few and not just for this week. Ongoing and inclusive. Workouts are based on primary movements, basic cardiovascular drills and easy to follow challenges using minimal equipment.  The daily workout includes a specific warm up to insure injury prevention, a great, results driven workout and “5 minute mobility” to keep you supple.  My experience, education and knowledge make this one of the most effective programs on the market today at a fraction of the cost of my usual fee.

For only £14.99 per month you can follow the same training template that I have used in my work on the movies and to set a strong foundation for my clients. It is designed for maximum result with minimum risk.   Commit to it and share your experiences on our Facebook Page,  PVT: Pieter Vodden Training to be part of a greater community that are on a similar journey to you.  Click on the link below to access Superpowered Team Programming.

Superpowered Team

Some tips if you are following this programming:

  • Start a training journal.  Track your performances and results.  Not only will this give you a point of reference it will make you more accountable.  I guarantee this increases your chances of long term success.  Information you should include:  Workouts, weight, sleep patterns, nutrition, supplements, stress levels, general mood.  Self awareness is key, the more you know the greater the power to act.
  • If possible train early/ before work.  You are more likely to get the job done if you do it first thing when you can “control” your time.  The day may bring stresses and events that you cannot control which may upset your routine.  It’s also more likely that you will develop excuses no to train during the day.  “Negotiation” is something we all have to deal with and in my experience you will negotiate less earlier in the day.
  • Share your journey with friends and positive people.  You will enjoy the process more if you share it with someone who has similar goals.  Drive each other, compete with each other, support each other.  Remember, enjoyment and motivation are key to ongoing progress so celebrate your commitment with those that care and inspire you.
  • Make sure you set aside time for you to do this program.  Don’t sacrifice your health and happiness by constantly trying to please others and giving up your own space.  Long term this will leave you empty, miserable and negative.  This is your life and you need to take care of yourself.
  • Don’t expect too much too quickly.  Consistency is key and nothing happens overnight.  You need to be aggressive and driven in your pursuit of progress.  Over-expectation my lead to negativity which has the potential to poison your development. Remember this is a lifestyle and not a snapshot, focus on the long term.
  • Take progress pictures, weigh yourself regularly and get your body fat professionally tested.  This is a motivational tool as well as giving you valuable information. You can’t have too much knowledge about yourself and its easy to forget how far you have come.  Visibly seeing how much you have changed can be inspiring and a very powerful motivational tool.  Getting your body fat tested (I would recommend a Bod Pod or DEXA scan) is useful as “lean mass” is more important i  terms of health than “weight”.  Get this done every 8 weeks or as budget allows.  I would also weigh in regularly.  I weigh myself daily to increase my awareness.  I know I perform best at a certain weight so keeping in control of that empowers me.  These 3 things are “motivational allies”, the more of those you have, the greater your chance of success.

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