Pieter and Suzanne

Project Management

Taking command of situations and getting things organised is one of my specialities.  From programming to team building to getting the right equipment for the project relative to the budget and objective is a challenge I thrive on. I have successfully managed very successful projects for both big and small companies over the years.  If you are interested in hiring me for such project please contact me at voddentraining@gmail.com.

Cast Trainer

I have worked as the Cast Trainer on Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League. As well as having to train high profile actors for the individual roles I am an expert at functional group training for both aesthetics and performance. Though knowledge, experience and personality i am able to guide, motivate and successfully deliver talent in the right condition at the right time. For availability pleases contact me at voddentraining@gmail.com.


If you are a coach/gym owner and you would like consultancy on either client training or facility design to optimise your business and results then please email me at voddentraining@gmail.com.  I offer rates hourly, weekly and project based.  I have helped design and construct gyms on all three of the movies listed above which of all been highly successful.  Knowledge of what to order, where to order it from and how best to functionally design your gym to optimise its use can be invaluable to saving money and ensuring long term success.

Individualised Programming

If you have specific goals or events in mind you may well need individualised programming. This will be designed specifically for you and your situation. The cost is £149.99 per month for bespoke programming and nutritional support. Please visit the Elite Coaching section of the website for more information on this or please contact me at voddentraining@gmail.com.

You need this if:


You have unique goals

You need to evolve beyond a general program

You respond better to personal attention

You have a special situation (physical limitations/equipment limitations)