Performance Ready

We all get to a point in our training where we need specific attention .  We may have unique goals in mind, problems/injuries to overcome or just feel that you need a more advanced level of programming.  For this reason I offer an Elite Coaching service.  This is a private service between you and I, nobody else is involved.  It is not diffused to a team or out-sourced.  Real Coaching cannot be done on a broad scale as it is a relationship that involves privacy, trust and unique attention. There are simply not enough hours in the day or mental capacity to successfully coach a multitude of people so this service is available only to a select few. If you feel you need this service and would like to apply please write to me at  This service include:


Training Website

Skype Consultation

APP to follow and record workouts

Statistics to monitor progress

Daily Interaction

Instructional Videos

Personalised Nutrition


This is a premium service that aims to give you all the tools necessary to be successful. Once approved you can purchase by clicking on the link below.


Screen Ready

Getting people ready for the big screen is different from training in the real world.  There is a finite window in which the work must be done, there is a vision that must be adhered to and the stakes are incredibly high. The job is beyond strength and function and of course Hollywood is a visual landscape.  It is a world of make believe,  fantasy and illusion.  That said I believe that the gym can be a great cauldron for brewing the integrity needed to play the greatest characters.  Within the confines of the gym we can expose, harden and redefine personality.  We can reshape mentality, build confidence and create passion, desire and fortitude.  If we can do this, whilst still holding dear to the aesthetic need of the role, then the performance will be all the greater for it.

If you are preparing for a role and need coaching please contact me at

Piete and Rich Boxing

If you would like to purchase a specialised program based on “Movie Preparation” then please contact me at http://voddentraining@gmail.comJazz

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