Nutrition is a minefield and we as an industry have made it complicated beyond belief. Science wise we know more than ever yet the world is getting fatter and fatter. So many solutions, so many problems. I know you are confused because the storm of facts, opinions, diets, do’s and do not’s is forever raining down you and it bewilders us all. Below are some thoughts and concepts that may help.

I believe it is important, both in terms of training and nutrition to be flexible. Life cannot be lived in a completely restricted regime. You cannot possible expect to be successful long term if you do not allow yourself to be somewhat flexible. A lot of this flexibility must come from knowledge, experience and understanding your body. Once you have this as your base it is then down to your own personal integrity to eat and train according to the information you have learned.

Precise menu’s and recipe ideas are of course useful, but in the busy world we live in you can’t rely completely on these. Many people consider themselves a failure if they can’t precisely maintain their prescribed menu…which isn’t healthy. Also spending hours doing food prep will not always be possible. If you are not going to be able to do something long term, do not get obsessed with it and dependent on it short term. Remember this is lifestyle, this is not temporary. There are special situations of course when we need to have greater focus and control, but for the most part quick, extreme solutions lead to a troublesome cycle of guilt and compensation. Reason and management are key to the better choice and choice is the greatest influencer on success.


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