If the mind isn’t ready to lead then the body isn’t willing to follow.  It is very important to understand that it is your relationship with food and exercise that counts long term.  People don’t fail because they forget how to exercise, they fail because at some point they are no longer willing to be in that relationship.  They lose their “why”, their motivation falters and they don’t have the integrity to finish what they started.   If we can address this reality we can conquer it.  Accepting why you fail and taking accountability for it is the first step in stopping it from happening time and time again.  Remember ultimately the responsibility is yours and yours alone. I can guide you, others can help you, but the choices you make and the decisions you take are your own. So own them!

5 Tips for keeping the right mindset.

1: Make the first action of the day a positive one. Drink a pint of water. Take a walk. Ride a bike. Stretch. Do a good deed. Anything thats gets you in a positive frame of mind, it will set the tone for the day and you are far more likely to make more good decisions afterwards.

2: Share your fitness with friends. At the end of the day you will only keep this up if you enjoy it. Get a training partner or a group together. I guarantee you will work harder (if you chose your friends well) and be more consistent if you share your new, healthier life with others who have similar ambitions. There is just something about the collective human spirit that is beyond science, humans work better in packs, find your pack.

3: You become who you hang around. This follows from the previous point. You have to choose the people you spend time with carefully because you will no doubt be influenced by their behaviour. Being around successful, driven people is infectious. Being around abusers, negativity and lethargy is poisonous. Environment dictates behaviour so set yourself up in an environment that is primed for achievement. Stay around people that eat well, that train, that live productive lives….people that nourish you. Stay away from drains; people that weigh you down, hold you back and take far more than they ever give. Prime yourself for positivity.

4: Sort your sleep out. I cannot emphasise this enough. Go to bed early, get as much sleep as possible. Here’s why:

Sleep helps mood
Sleep helps performance
Sleep prevents premature ageing
Sleep helps recovery
Sleep boosts your immune system
Sleep leads to better cognitive choices

I could go on but the benefits are endless. Turn off the TV, the phone, the games console. Sleep in a pitch black room. Make it as sound proof as possible. Get a better bed. Sleep alone if your partner interrupts your sleep. Do everything you possibly can to sleep better. It makes a huge, huge difference.

5: Limit stress. Stress elevates cortisol, cortisol inhibits fat loss, reduces performance, increases inflammation, suppresses immune system, inhibits recovery, prevents sleep…The list goes on. Identify things in your life that cause you stress (we all have them) and do everything you can to reduce or eliminate them. It may not seem like much at a time but the little things add up to be very big things.


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